High Altitude Hiking and Your Safety


Acute Mountain Sickness in full effect on top of the South Sister, OR ’11

When on your journey or outing, there is a good chance that you will be encountering some fairly steep terrain that could put you up at some pretty high elevations. These kinds of wilderness areas are often the most scenic and least crowded, and can offer the ultimate backpacking and camping experience. However, as the title implies, gaining a significant amount of elevation in a very short period of time can cause what is known as High Altitude Sickness (HAS). Continue reading

Weavers Needle: A Rock Climber’s Dream, or a Novice’s Nightmare

The flight from the ever-rainy winter of the Northwest to the unseasonably hot desert sands of Phoenix, Arizona were received with open arms. It was my first time in the state. And though the giddiness of travel excitement may have been at the core of my good mood, I was stoked to have the chance to climb the great Weaver’s Needle in the Superstition Mountain Wilderness.Peralta Trailhead, AZ Continue reading