To Thru Hike, Or Not To Thru Hike


To thru-hike, or not to thru hike, that seems to be an underlying question to an avid backpackers goals. I myself have dreamed of the glory and achievement of completing a 2600 mile, long distance trail called the Pacific Crest Trail. The idea of hiking through the desert lands of the Mojave to the snow capped peaks of the North Cascades seems like a wild adventure that any hiker would try their hand at. Always on the move, getting in touch with nature, finding like-minded individuals on trail to build long lasting relationships with… this nomadic minimalism speaks to me and tens of thousands of other people across the world on an evolutionary and spiritual level. So, why the big question? Why not try living on the land through such a vast and expanding wildernesses, so full of mystery and ever-changing landscapes that even our dreams cannot capture? Because you might get sick of it. Continue reading