Why I Go Light

Light Gear 

When looking into new equipment for your gear inventory, it’s hard to miss the ever popular backpacking craze of today, which is going as light as possible. Whether that is leaving the unnecessary stuff at home or upgrading your essentials to lighter and higher tech gear, people are gravitating toward its message: “I want to have a good time out in the wild, but I don’t want to break my back to do it.” Continue reading

Origins of the Watts Trip


“No one ever said it was going to be easy.” – Everyone has probably said this.

Watts Trip
noun : \ˈwäts\ – \ˈtrip\

1. An adventure, hike, or trip which is altered by bad luck or misfortune.
2. An opportunity to overcome adversity, through tenacity and endurance.
3. The superstitious idea that hardship can and will occur at any moment.

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